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The defendants were accused of creating internet stores that appear to unknowing consumers to be authorised online retailers.
As seen in a video ad to promote the campaign, several men chose to stand instead of occupying the uncomfortable seat, while some unknowing passengers were startled to feel its male organ-like shape on their behinds.
Unknowing and helpless, we enter the world, Each fresh and unique at day one.
engages The Cloud of Unknowing and asks "How, though, is a soul oned with God in a cloud of unknowing?
This collection of poetry is suffused with artistically welded verse spun from innocence and ingenuity, the rare combination of knowing and unknowing that makes each work unique, truthful and appealing to the heart.
Here, thirteen artists and collaboratives (including Taryn Simon, Harun Farocki, Kerry Tribe, Jenny Holzer, and Trevor Paglen), exploiting the Freedom of Information Act, government archives, and "insider connections," respond to the US government's cloud of unknowing via strategies ranging from evidence-driven truth-telling to critical modes that mirror the state's artfully constructed ambiguities.
They mingle with unknowing students and perform their method of operation almost flawlessly.
Abbot turns the tables on those of us working through the idea that we cannot know everything about ourselves and the other, and allow ourselves to be manipulated into the actual experience of unknowing.
The book was The Cloud of Unknowing, an anonymous 14th-century manual on contemplative meditation.
Four women lay bare their childbirth experiences and tell us what they wish they had known beforehand, and we investigate the trend of doctors prescribing placebos to unknowing patients.
Mr Lander said: "If Mr King was, by chance, referring to Joey Thompson in that text, do those words "an so will he soon" assist you in your deliberations as to whether he was an unknowing participant in this enterprise?
She's so tiny, I'm so unknowing, the fractions enormous,