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In this investigation, brucellosis was diagnosed weeks to years after initial positive blood cultures were misidentified, and laboratory personnel were unknowingly exposed to the organism.
Although the article does not emphasize this point, the figures make it clear that the so-called "co-pay" (the $5, $10, $25, or other standard amount paid by the patient when picking up their medication) can actually be more than the full cost of the prescription -- suggesting that patients and their employers can unknowingly be paying for health insurance that actually charges more for certain medicines than if they had paid full price.
But every once in a while a smart, hardworking, tough-ass kid unknowingly takes a seat in that teacher's classroom, and the battle begins.
Bridge risked his life by tackling the airman as she was unknowingly walking toward the moving props of an E-2C Hawkeye.
Breastfeeding mothers who eat peanuts may unknowingly pass on to their babies the peanut proteins that can cause allergies.
North Bay council hopes to avoid a fight in dealing with an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal over a planning bylaw it unknowingly passed last October.
residents have, sometimes unknowingly, been imbibing the bitter tea.
It also checks for the existence of potentially dangerous "Trojan Horses" - programs that may be installed unknowingly to gather sensitive data needed to gain network access.
DENVER--When dancer Amy Anderson accepted an offer to take the helm of a new troupe at Colorado Ballet, she unknowingly set in motion a wave of change that would transform two Denver-based dance companies, spelling new beginnings for both.
Five million patients face being unknowingly struck off their dentist's register by next August if they do not visit for 15 months, the British Dental Association warned yesterday.
While Cooke argued that it placed the horses in service by unknowingly owning them, this admission allowed the court to conclude that Cooke never placed the assets in service.
A lot of our people worked out at that mine when it was open," she charges, "and they were often put in the most hazardous positions, unknowingly.