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Do you know how long it takes to lace and unlace the real deal?
In a Gavarni drawing, a man unlaces his wife, puzzled that the knot at the bottom is different from the one he tied that morning.
What's the matter, That you unlace your reputation thus, And spend your rich opinion for the name Of a night-brawler?
THERESA May has not had a chance to unlace her walking boots from her Swiss holiday before the manoeuvring to get rid of her begins.
Your eyes deaden, as they do, and behind them you pray to unlace your consciousness from your body, your body from pain, and slip under the frozen river of yourself.
He wiped his boots on the mat, bent to unlace them.
As I began to unlace my boots, a faint stain on the toe of the left one reminded me of the blood splatters I washed off late last March--it was Easter Day I think--near a town named Suoi Da in the shadow of Nui Ba Den.
Whenever he decides to unlace the shoes, the game will be missed without the Big Fella," James said.
He's expected to unlace his shoes this evening near McKenzie Pass after a 53.
Finally, my leg was just stuck in the boot I managed to unlace it.
Of this, the fallen part was thus completely bound to the earth, and before it could be drawn, it was necessary to unlace them, and tear the fibers out of the crevices.