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You discovered me (you whispered, unlacing my dress),
"Perhaps middle age is not so bad after all," I mused, unlacing my ski boots when we reached the van.
IN THE old smoking rooms of our pubs and clubs, whenever mention was made of a rattling good yarn, his name loomed into view amid the thundering of hooves and the flashing of sabres, followed by some supping and the leisurely unlacing of a lady's corset.
It is too soon to know for sure--her career has hardly begun--but an early conclusion might be that she is unlacing the traditional principles of morality.
Witness (Paramount): Kelly McGillis unlacing her prim Amish uniform has fueled many a lesbian fantasy.
Instead, he sat on a log fifteen feet away, directly faced us, silently and slowly unlacing his high black boots.
Mind if I join you?" He nodded toward her [bare] feet and began unlacing his shoes.
She thought they were just friends until, one day, she was unlacing her Roman sandals when Tom tenderly stopped her and, bending down on his knees, slowly untied them.
Now the trembling hands again, the half-opened mouths and the tongues, the clumsy movements don't matter, the unlacing and turning up, nor the extrication from sleeves, nor the perspiration.
Bolstered by a host of experts in the arts and sciences, Steele attempts to separate fact from fiction, in effect unlacing the pretty lies that surround this famed, framing garment.
"Did I know you were myself, backing / away," the speaker asks, "unlacing fingers from fingers, moving / into the gray and silver of darkened mirrors?" A reversal here of the Narcissus legend: a woman at the mirror of the other, facing both ways.
Leaning back in his chair, stroking his beard, purple fingers lacing and unlacing, he spoke of his own friends' passing, of his fear for his father's health, of how death shifts and changes with time.