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Okay, so I emailed Ian and castigated him, in admittedly unladylike language, for not featuring a woman expert on this topic.
BY AMY SMITH, AGE12 Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens Written by a hugely talented 26-year-old author, this book is described as being a cross between Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.
Was it the power of a vicious rumor that had kept us away, the rumor that said the shabbiest auditorium - creaking chairs, uneven floor, peeling paint, unladylike ladies' room - was doomed to give way to a canteen because the new owners had no musical sense?
Equally daunting, she tried to establish Dolley's "historical significance without making her seem unladylike" to her mid-nineteenth century audience (pp.
"I would use an unladylike term about how bad the Department of Defense is at acquiring IT, but I don't want to do that as a United States senator."
The estimate is an unladylike PS2,500 - worth it just for the drive home.
Traditionally, ladies were taught to cross their ankles on the grounds that it was unladylike to cross their knees.
Head teacher David Doubtfire said the ban was necessary to get some of the girls to cover up at school because they were wearing skirts that were far too short, making them appear 'unladylike'.
While Vaz, who has held the audience in hysterics in many of her sold- out ' Unladylike' shows in New York, jokes about the pitfalls of propriety, Delhi- based Vasu Primlani doesn't just get you to crack up, she gives you food for thought with her honest explorations of what it is like being an Indian woman.
Kelly, now reunited with Danny, hit back at Katie, saying: "It is unladylike as far as I'm concerned for another woman to say that sort of thing publicly about another woman.
London, Feb 10 ( ANI ): Kelly Brook has hit back at Katie Price for calling her a 'heifer' - labelling the glamour model as "unladylike".
The protagonist, Agatha, in "The Unladylike Education of Agatha Tremain," battles her aunt for her life and station as the lady of the manor.