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Danger: The buckles may unlatch, allowing the vest to come off and the child sink, possibly drowning.
If this transmission proves reliable, scientists will instruct the craft to deploy its stereo camera and its main communications antenna, roll out two ramps, and unlatch the 10-kilogram Sojourner.
As he raised his arm to unlatch the door to the shed, he was shot by a sniper posted on the mountainside.
The covers can increase inertial loads, potentially allowing the door to unlatch during a side impact.
As he rode towards the death camp, Solasz, according to Mashable, "was able to locate some tools in the cattle car and devise a way to unlatch the door.
A rear ground floor window was smashed to reach in and unlatch window.
She considered a variety of designs of door knobs and handles that a door-opening robot must be able to grasp and calculated "how much force is needed to open the door, the twisting angles to unlatch the door, and how much force is needed to unlatch it.
Pregnant pooch Holly, aged two, and three-year-old dad-to-be Spencer went missing from Christopher Monks' home in Sale after Spencer somehow managed to unlatch the back gate.
Just unlatch the lap belt and place the round buckle in the seat or let it hang over the seat.
Built with independent sealing modules for tape and hot melt adhesive application, this sealer changes from one sealing method to another in minutes: simply unlatch the sealing module using the quick-turn clamps, remove the existing module, and replace it with the alternate sealing module.
There was nothing to do but unlatch the windmill from the pump and pump the cistern full by hand, which we did.
The unit requires 30 milliseconds of power to latch or unlatch.