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Project MUSE will host all open access books from noncommercial publishers unlatched through Knowledge Unlatched (KU) since 2014.
* Auto operator at interior office door to work with existing electric strike *Auto operator at exterior door, exit device must be unlatched *Auto operator at vestibule door *Wireless surface mounted push button actuators at all three operators inside and outside * Handheld wireless 3 channel Fob to activate all three auto operators *Wiring run through surface mounted wore molding where unable to concealed by existing condition *120VAC at each opening by others *Tie-in fire alarm system at office opening by others(required by code at fire-rated openings) etc.
The company currently has more than 14 million research documents, taken from Elsevier's ScienceDirect database and the Cornell University-based arXiv preprint repository, as well as books from OA publisher Knowledge Unlatched.
"The Hands-free Door Handle allows you to open an unlatched door using your wrist or forearm - this keeps your hands away from any infections (bacterial, fungal, yeast, viral) that are present," commented Marc Ward, Managing Director of Jamm Products.
There's also a report of one accident when an unlatched door opened and hit another car in a parking lot.
* Ford Explorer SUVs and Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicles from model years 2011 to 2013 because a spring that controls the interior door handle may become loose and cause the door to become unlatched in a side-impact crash, increasing the risk of injury.
The fill level indicators on the sides allow the staff to see when the roll is about to run out and the hinged lid can be quickly unlatched to allow quick and easy refilling.
According to the police, the bull terrier's owner told investigators that his dog was usually locked up in his yard, but left the house when someone left a garden door unlatched.
That could keep them unlatched when the hood is closed.
The "unlatched" solenoid valve refers to its closed state condition, during which supply pressure is cut-off and the external valve is exhausted to ambient.
He said a farmer escaped injury in 1973 when he accidentally kicked a hand grenade with the pin unlatched. "This was not an isolated incident.
Evocative, tactile phrases are aplenty: "she unlatched the suitcase, and out poured the musty smell of waiting," "her sin was the tar kind," and the sound of finger-worn covered buttons scattering like bits of broken glass are all given in the span of a few pages.