unlawful act

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If a policeman catches him in an unlawful act and proceeds to arrest him, the offender proclaims that he is a student, and perhaps shows his matriculation card, whereupon the officer asks for his address, then goes his way, and reports the matter at headquarters.
Mr Varden, I know you for a worthy man, and one who would do no unlawful act except upon compulsion--'
This was, so far, the one unlawful act committed by labour, and that it was a concerted act he was fully convinced.
In a release issued Sunday, the Ministry said such unlawful act on the part of workers and their organizations have the propensity to undermine industrial peace and harmony as well as, the national security of the Country.
They were alleged to have conspired to take possession of the money which sum they reasonably ought to have known formed part of the proceeds of an unlawful act of gratification.
UX, Doha Answer: Employer is not liable for the damage caused as a result of an unlawful act by the employee where that act was committed not during the course of the employment.
Due to the illegal and unlawful act of the corrupt staff of respondents, the future of Areesha ward and other hundreds of students, who had also applied for scrutiny of their respective results but the same were treated as same, are on stake,' he added.
Malik Faraz, Director Planning CDA told in this regard that management of housing society did not submit the revised plan to increase the number of allotment of plots and submitted only revenue papers, which is unlawful act.
But in order to prove manslaughter the prosecution must prove the killing is the result of the accused's unlawful act, and the act must be one all sober and reasonable people must realise would subject the victim to some harm.
According to him, if someone has an account in Panama, it does not mean they committed an unlawful act.
He said: "The reason is so there is no perception in the public that the State is colluding in an unlawful act.
E[currency]en recalled that many judges and prosecutors were recently dismissed or jailed without a fair trial because of their rulings and added: "No illegal and unlawful act can be justified.