unlawful action

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He added: "As part of the NWCTU''s remit, we investigate domestic extremism, which is an unlawful action that can be part of a protest or campaign.
He said: "Potentially, unlawful action has taken place here and since our shares have disappeared down the tube, anything we can do to get money back from these well-off gentlemen is a good idea.
Fadlallah commented on what happened last week after the Internal Security Forces (ISF) refused to allow Minister Charbel Nahhas access to his ministry, saying that any unlawful action will "end soon, because there are groups who are insisting on implementing the constitution and law," the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Monday.
The value of fraud and unlawful action identified increased from pounds 4million in 2007-8 to pounds 10.
The value of fraud and unlawful action identified in 2009-10 was 10,951,069[pounds sterling], and there are some 300 professionally-trained and accredited Local Counter Fraud Specialists who are in place within each health body throughout England and Wales.
Acting Inspector John Kirkham, from Hillsborough and Upperthorpe Safer Neighbourhood policing teams, said: "Posters of this nature can be misleading in the information they contain and may prompt unlawful action.
Anyone can condone this unlawful action and even support it sneakingly.
If we are to succeed in our bold national plans for economic and social development, we cannot allow labour disputes to fester without resolution or to trigger unlawful action.
United Airlines (Nasdaq: UAUA) is seeking to prevent pilots from conducting what it says is unlawful action.
Mr Jew commented: "More than in any other area of employment law, time is of the essence for employers when formulating their response, and plans should be made as soon as there is a hint of unlawful action.
There are certainly times when unlawful action is required in order to force changes that aren't happening fast enough," she said.
The Metropolitan Police Authority said: "The findings of unlawful action by the police service itself is of great concern.