unlawful killing

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A JURY considering its verdicts at the inquests into the deaths of two young children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning during a holiday in Greece has been told by a coroner the only conclusion it can come to is unlawful killing.
A two-week trial heard that Wiggins's former partner, Tyler Vallance, pleaded guilty to the unlawful killing of Isabella Vallance at a previous hearing.
He said: "We're at the stage now where I think we will be able to satisfy your court that an unlawful killing has taken place and a suicide.
However, the case was reconsidered by the CPS after a verdict of unlawful killing was returned at the 46-yearold father-of-five's inquest.
Earlier inquests on the men reached unlawful killing verdicts (lack of appropriate equipment), but failed to apportion military blame.
THE family of a soldier shot dead during a tragic Army training mix-up were taking legal advice last night after an unlawful killing inquest verdict.
He added: "AdVIC proposes amending legislation to ensure bail will no longer be granted where an unlawful killing has occurred so that a person convicted of or pleading guilty to any unlawful killing should not be released on bail while awaiting sentencing.
The ex-Liverpool and Celtic boss wants victims' death certificates changed from accidental to unlawful killing after families won their 23-year fight for the truth.
CASTLE EDEN: A verdict of unlawful killing has been recorded into the death of a tot whose lifeless body was carried into a police station by his mum.
Summary: A coroner investigating the MI6 spy death has ruled out a verdict of unlawful killing.
In March, an inquest jury returned verdicts of unlawful killing against each of Bird's victims and that the taxi driver took his own life.
London, Dec 14 (ANI): A new research has found that the true incidence of neonaticides - the unlawful killing of a baby within the first 24 hours of its life - is more than five times as common as official estimates suggest.