unlawful obstruction

See: nuisance
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They were questioned in the presence of lawyers and charged with unlawful obstruction of vehicles and attending unlawful gatherings.
In addition, be mindful that improper attempts at corrections could be regarded as document tampering or unlawful obstruction of justice.
They said the SEC would require admissions of wrongdoing where it would be in the public interest, such as in cases involving "misconduct that harmed large numbers of investors or placed investors or the market at risk of potentially serious harm; where admissions might safeguard against risks posed by the defendant to the investing public, particularly when the defendant engaged in egregious intentional misconduct; or when the defendant engaged in unlawful obstruction of the Commission's investigative processes.
But things were brought to a head yesterday when police ordered the group to move, on the grounds they were causing an unlawful obstruction.
The EPA calls its move enhanced review, while mining companies counter that such action is a job killer and amounts to unlawful obstruction of business activities.
Myers for unlawful obstruction of the use of Private Providers under the terms noted in Florida Statute 553.