unlawful practice

See: guilt
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Efforts have been made by the Green Party and the mycological association to control the unlawful practice of raking and relevant legislation is pending.
claims the university was one of three to be "consistently adopting unlawful practice.
Besides the mobile squads Check Posts comprising the staff of the Forest Department have already been set up in various parts of AJK to discourage the trend of unlawful practice of cutting and smuggling of the forest wood from the area.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The United Nations human rights office voiced concerns over Israel's so-called administrative detention, calling on Tel Aviv to end the unlawful practice of detaining Palestinians without charge or trial.
The UAE laws pertinent to the medical field do not include a single article that authorises the closure of a hospital in cases related to unlawful practice of medicine.
However, as a reminder that some uncertainty still remains, the amendment also added a caveat that these deletions 'shall create no presumption that any home loan that is refinanced does not constitute an unlawful practice under P.
The complaints allege that Blue Shield engages in the widespread and unlawful practice of post claims underwriting by reviewing medical records to look for omissions on the application after a claim was submitted so they can cancel coverage.
We are also investigating whether Alger permitted after hours late trading, which is the unlawful practice whereby certain investors were allowed to purchase a mutual fund's shares at the prior trading-day's NAV while already knowing the next trading-day's price.
He said lawyers were peaceful community and never indulged in unlawful practice and the use of police force against them and mediamen was unnecessary.
Shernoff said the intent of these cases is to stop this widespread unlawful practice that is hurting patients, doctors and hospitals.
Paul from competition; (b) the Company's illicit scheme exposed the Company to significant regulatory penalties and threatened loss of consumer goodwill jeopardizing the Company's ability to sustain any performance in its legitimate business practices; (c) the Company's revenues and earnings would have been significantly less had the Company not engaged in such unlawful practices; (d) and the Company's prospects were at risk because its business and revenue could and would not be sustained when the public learned of its unlawful practice alleged herein.
Pakistanis visiting India should be given awareness regarding this unlawful practice prior to their travel to India.