unlawful scheme

See: conspiracy
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Clapp's initiation of a relationship with Jared Wheat, CEO of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and his communications to Wheat were designed to distract Wheat and Hi-Tech from Defendants' trademark infringement and unlawful scheme as set forth herein, to ascertain if and when Hi-Tech would discover said trademark infringement and unlawful scheme, and/or with the hope that Hi-Tech would not pursue legal recourse for said trademark infringement and unlawful scheme in the event Hi-Tech discovered same.
The clinic "expects to uncover additional facts, details and monetary losses related to Lawrence's unlawful scheme and intentional mismanagement," according to the lawsuit filed at the end of June.
wires as part of an unlawful scheme to take over an enterprise, PTC, and corrupt another enterprise, Elektrim.
We intend to seek full redress against the harm that has been done in the name of the Ecuadorian plaintiffs and to hold accountable all of those who have knowingly participated in this unlawful scheme.
In Zynga's response to EA's suit, the social-game developer charged the multiline-game developer with undertaking an "anti-competitive and unlawful scheme to stop Zynga from hiring its employees and to restrain the mobility of EA employees in violation of the spirit of the antitrust laws and California public policy," according to the counterclaim document hosted by (http://techcrunch.
The Complaint alleges that during the Class Period, the Company and its former CEO, Daniel Laikin, were engaged in an unlawful scheme to inflate the price of National Lampoon stock by paying "consultants" to purchase the Company's stock.
Her continued denial that she 'didn't do anything wrong' coupled with her assertion that she's 'not sorry' for anything she did reflects an arrogance that was present during her involvement in the unlawful scheme to target conservatives - and an arrogance that apparently is still present today.
Specifically, National Lampoon and its former Chief Executive Officer Daniel Laikin allegedly engaged in an unlawful scheme to artificially inflate the price of the Company's stock to create the illusion of an active and liquid market in the Company's share, which would subsequently make the stock appear more attractive and drive up the prices.
The IRS claims a computer glitch wiped out Lerner's emails from 2009 through 2011 - a critical two-year period at the height of the unlawful scheme targeting tea party and conservative groups.
The 71-page legal complaint alleges that the defendants have engaged in an unlawful scheme to artificially fix and inflate prices through restricting the supply of eggs.
The decision to hold Lois Lerner in contempt comes 11 months to the day since she revealed this unlawful scheme with a question she planted at an ABA meeting," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.
This is a significant step in holding former top IRS official Lois Lerner accountable for an unlawful scheme that violated the constitutional rights of our clients," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.