unlawful scheme

See: conspiracy
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In the premise, I verily believe that as an elected member of the county assembly representing Kapsoit Ward, I have a constitutional and statutory mandate to oppose the fraudulent misappropriation of the county funds and unlawful scheme by the county executive led by Governor Paul Chepkwony to plunder county funds in the colossal sum of Sh100 million under the pretext of capital expenditure towards purported upgrade of an airstrip which falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the national government," read the response.
There exists a pattern of overt or criminals acts indicative of the overall unlawful scheme or conspiracy between the PCSO officials and STL operators to constitute and allow the STL as a front of jueteng, they said.
The evidence required is stated in the law as "it being sufficient to establish beyond a reasonable doubt a pattern of overt or criminal acts indicative of the overall unlawful scheme or conspiracy.
The clinic "expects to uncover additional facts, details and monetary losses related to Lawrence's unlawful scheme and intentional mismanagement," according to the lawsuit filed at the end of June.
Even more important, the court added, was the fact that the neuroscientist's testimony failed to establish that this condition existed prior to the examinations conducted of the defendant in 2004 and thus there was no evidence of any impairment during the time of the defendant's unlawful scheme.
We intend to seek full redress against the harm that has been done in the name of the Ecuadorian plaintiffs and to hold accountable all of those who have knowingly participated in this unlawful scheme.
No consumer should be victimized by an unlawful scheme like this one, and it is especially detestable when those who can least afford to be charged undisclosed and inflated fees are the ones being targeted.
In Zynga's response to EA's suit, the social-game developer charged the multiline-game developer with undertaking an "anti-competitive and unlawful scheme to stop Zynga from hiring its employees and to restrain the mobility of EA employees in violation of the spirit of the antitrust laws and California public policy," according to the counterclaim document hosted by (http://techcrunch.
The Complaint alleges that during the Class Period, the Company and its former CEO, Daniel Laikin, were engaged in an unlawful scheme to inflate the price of National Lampoon stock by paying "consultants" to purchase the Company's stock.
Specifically, National Lampoon and its former Chief Executive Officer Daniel Laikin allegedly engaged in an unlawful scheme to artificially inflate the price of the Company's stock to create the illusion of an active and liquid market in the Company's share, which would subsequently make the stock appear more attractive and drive up the prices.
The 71-page legal complaint alleges that the defendants have engaged in an unlawful scheme to artificially fix and inflate prices through restricting the supply of eggs.
wires as part of an unlawful scheme to take over an enterprise, PTC, and corrupt another enterprise, Elektrim.