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Our vote is against unlawfulness and injustice which is growing in the country.
A circumstance excluding unlawfulness may be the legal ground for the exclusion of criminal responsibility.
Cases of theft, corruption, bribery, plunder, lies, slander and unlawfulness are skyrocketing.
The panel is satisfied that the unlawfulness and dishonesty inherent in the theft conviction coupled with her resulting possession of a controlled drug are serious departures from the standards expected of a registered nurse.
At a press conference on the sidelines of the forum, Dr Al Khaili noted the unlawfulness of this practice.
That, however, did not answer the point about the unlawfulness and whether funding and establishing such groups before the bill has been passed by Parliament, is acting within the law?
Principal Judith Evans said: "ColegMorgannwg takes dignity at work extremely seriously and has successfully negotiated an effective policy in agreement with UCU Cymru, which includes a statement on the unlawfulness of subjecting an individual to harassment on the grounds of membership or non-membership of a trade union.
El-Boraei echoed what legal experts said on the unlawfulness of dropping charges against Mubarak or any of his regime.
He said that Pakistan is facing infinite problems of terrorism, looting and unlawfulness.
We are introducing a system of mass notification to warn people about the unlawfulness of copyright infringement, explain the harm it does and point them toward legitimate content.
unlawfulness of the Japanese action," Hong was quoted as telling a press