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The whole unlearned philosophy is to try new things and go in new directions, I definitely think I'm doing that with this.
Todor Pendarovski in Utrinski vesnik comments that step by step, repeating the unlearned mistakes from our past, we ended up in the current biggest political crisis.
opinionating our Ion's position among the unlearned wayward
It caught the shell's enormous heat, and grew fluid with sap, miraculous with surprise of spring, for all combatants to be taught anew a faith unlearned by deathly cries, a blossoming the human heart has sought with every hopeful spring--a sweet-peace prize.
The impact of truancy is not simply a case of lessons missed and facts unlearned.
And this intimate evening, based on his upcoming memoir of how a young man from Wales very slowly became an overnight success, should help to fill in the blanks on any bits and bobs about him still unlearned.
Yet innate, unlearned mouse song could have value for genetic studies of behavior, researchers in Japan suggest online March 9 in PLoS ONE.
While depression continues to be an epidemic, O'Connor is hopeful because neuroscience has confirmed that the "skills of depression" can be unlearned and replaced by new neural pathways.
As such, they have been reinvented as literature and poetry and should be unlearned.
Children have the ability to let everything that doesn't satisfy their quest drop away; in essence, to become unlearned.
Unlearned lessons; an appraisal of India's military mishaps.
Blink praises instinctive judgment, but one should not forget that instincts are unlearned, inherited, fixed-action patterns of responses or reactions to certain kinds of stimuli.