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In any case, by restricting generation of seed of non-registered variety, rule nine is successfully an unlegislated expansion to the act which is quiet on the development of seed non-registered assortment.
The bill points to a yet unlegislated anti-corruption commission as the arbitrator when compliance comes into question or infractions occur.
Having exhausted every opportunity to secure savings from the 2014-15 Budget to the 2015-16 Budget, the Government has decided to rule a line and reset the Budget by reversing these unlegislated measures.
48) The groups are Very Restrictive (corresponding to A), Permissive (C), and Very Permissive (D), with further categories of Restrictions by Default (where legislation is not explicit, but national practices are quite restrictive in practice), and Unlegislated (where there is no legislation on human ESCs).
In Lippmann's view, those who have the power to paint and circulate the pictures, and to exclude alternative worldviews, also have an unlegislated power to shape our politics.
Representing non-understanding and misunderstanding alongside understanding, analytic dialogue for Winnicott implies the right to privacy: being wrong, or the confession of a natural uncertainty, might in some way enshrine this unlegislated right.
Although the borrowing by Greek banks from the ECB buffers the transition from a current account deficit to current account balance (or surplus) required by sudden stops in capital inflows, it is controversial because it constitutes unlegislated fiscal policy.
Several studies have examined the effect of unlegislated changes in tax rates.
The 30 countries' position on human stem cell research was grouped into five broad categories: very permissive, permissive with restrictions, restrictive by default, very restrictive and unlegislated.
It turns out, however, that uncoordinated, unlegislated efforts already have the U.
On top of stresses from oil pollution, fishing, and unlegislated diving and coastal development, today reefs worldwide face additional pressure from thermal stress and emergent diseases that are closely linked to climate change.
While this system was legislated during the apartheid Bantustan era, it has continued, unlegislated, into the present as a result of the on-going impoverishment of rural communities who seek employment in urban areas.