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Hence, unlettered fool and unfettered thinker that I am, I cannot give a thumbs up to Irani's "nationalistic" flag pole idea.
When the newspaper asked Aziza Mohammad Al Hanouma why she became a student after a long break, she answered: "When I was unlettered, I always felt embarrassed as my kids ask me for help with their homework.
The Minister in charge of the Trinity Methodist Church, Madina, The Very Reverend Helena Opoku-Sarkodie, who was a special guest at the inauguration, charged the management and staff of the bank to be creative and simplify business procedures in order to make banking more attractive to the unlettered and ordinary people.
Arguing for locally and socially specific audiences at the Red Bull and Fortune, he sometimes ignores evidence that might point in the other direction: the fact that The Silver Age was performed at court by Queen Anne's Servants along with the King's Men, or the fact that the plays he discusses (perforce) went into print at all--hardly evidence for an audience that was 'unlettered' (161), or totally unlettered at any rate.
ISLAMABAD -- Justice Jawwad S Khawaja has remarked "government is committing mistakes upon mistakes and an unlettered person can commit mistake but here the highly educated persons are committing mistakes.
In the first decades of the last century a similar, albeit secular, impetus motivated state sponsorship of murals on public buildings throughout Mexico: once more the aim was to present a specific ideology to a largely rural and unlettered populace.
there is lot more to achieve when you realize that India makes up for 17 per cent of the global population but has 50 per cent of the world's unlettered.
In return, the troops embraced Bill and the two iconic infantrymen he invented to represent them: Willie and Joe, American soldiers, unlettered, unsophisticated, undaunted and undefeated.
passed legislation creating state-based Super PACs with the same unlettered fundraising abilities to give major donors even greater leverage.
And yet, a quiet revolution in this Himalayan state, led by unlettered but determined women in the villages, promises to lead the change.
Moreover, compounding the above considerations is the fact that many aspects of the "trade" took place in relatively isolated areas as well as the fact that the trade was conducted in large part by, shall we say, unlettered men and women--people who did not always leave the best records of their deeds and misdeeds.
Yet we learn that there burned within him the persistent flame of a progressive socialist conscience under the thrall of William Morris, George Bernard Shaw, and the leftwing priest, the "Red Vicar" (Conrad Noel); and who tirelessly brought the music of English folk traditions to the unlettered and the working classes in the London slums and elsewhere.