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Jefferies quotes Fairbairn's contention that the "suffrage Bismarck created with unliberal intentions became within a generation the most potent vehicle of political participation in Germany.
This is one of the most unliberal governments we have had for a long time.
TV's Vanessa Feltz I find this inquisitive aspect of our culture prurient, vulgar and unliberal - Actress Clare Higgins, on being asked in a newespaper Q & A when she last had sex
Then, the tension occurred chiefly within the Democratic base, for the party that Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his lieutenants inherited was largely a collection of traditional, hierarchical, and distinctly unliberal fiefs, whether big-city organizations in the North or segregationist machines in the South.
He denies any connection between the distinctly unliberal Jacobins of 1793 and their nineteenth- and twentieth-century successors.
And to suggest there was anything distasteful about normal, consensual-style pornography was to expose ourselves to the accusation of being uncool, unliberal and square, harbouring our mothers' hang-ups after all.
In either case, it reflects the reluctance of the liberal community to challenge some of the most unliberal laws currently on the books.
The Democratic Party itself became more conservative as evidenced by the emergence of the Democratic solid South and the policies of segregation, which were seen as unliberal.