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Sobejana said raids and surrender of guns helped reduce the number of unlicensed guns.
The report also seeks to correct the misconception that Kodi and its developers, the XBMC Foundation, are the primary beneficiaries in an ecosystem of streaming unlicensed content.
Yet, less than half of the CIOs (49%) globally identified unlicensed software to be posing a security threat.
At various points this year, Google, the Wi-Fi Alliance, some consumer groups and other parties have warned that unlicensed LTE was likely to degrade Wi-Fi performance.
The further note that the FCC was expected to leave open room for the innovators who use unlicensed spectrum.
Clinigen said that the deal creates the market leader in the ethical unlicensed supply of medicines.
They have given a good example of full commitment and positive response to the call by the security authorities to all people in Kuwait to hand over their unlicensed weapons," he said.
This study will be an important step towards understanding how professionals and patients use unlicensed medicines and will add to the debate on the place of unlicensed medicines within the NHS.
Businesses throughout Cairo first demanded that the Governorate cooperate with other government institutions to address prolonged security lapses and use all means at their disposal to put an end to the perceived crisis of unlicensed street vendors.
We have found that a large number of amateur trainers and unlicensed training centres are playing spoilsport.
People are also being urged not to leave metal items outside their houses to be collected by unlicensed waste carriers.
The company has been accused of using pirated software, in other words, unlicensed software.