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Then the wise and good will not desire to gain more than his like, but more than his unlike and opposite?
Unlike most of the big chiefs, Nau-hau was young, and, unlike most of the Melanesians, he was handsome, even beautiful.
I am perfectly persuaded that the tempers had better be unlike: I mean unlike in the flow of the spirits, in the manners, in the inclination for much or little company, in the propensity to talk or to be silent, to be grave or to be gay.
Unlike in the era of Shearer, there was little protection given to players then.
We in Wales get free prescriptions, unlike Englanders, university education at no increased cost, unlike Englanders, and have representations in three high offices namely the House of Commons, the Welsh Assembly and the House of Lords, unlike Englanders with their solitary MP and odd, yes odd Lord.
2 : unusual for <It's unlike them to be so late.
It relies primarily on cooling plant water by outdoor ambient air but inside a sealed, air-cooled heat exchanger with no exposure to the environment, unlike a cooling tower.
Unlike the left, we do not believe any one man should ever be entrusted with the awesome power of deciding when to go to war.
The photos seem to figure the ambiguities of Tuttle's role in recent art: Not unlike the best of his work, he looks both present and absent, aggressive and recessive.
The Senate version, unlike the House version, would also have allowed for state taxation of VoIP.