unlike others

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The next few months passed away, as many years can pass away, without definite events, and yet, if suddenly disturbed, it would be seen that such months or years had a character unlike others.
EuroStation Founder and CEO Eric Perrein, said, Demand is high for biometric access control in a card and this product ticks all the crucial boxes, unlike others in the market.
This retail store is unlike others in the Tampa Bay area, specializing in a specific industry with a loyal customer base.
Unlike others, I don't leap to attack my own party leader when he is doing his best to work for peace.
But unlike others, it is threaded in the same state-of-the-art facility and subject to the same rigorous quality inspection process as Firestick drill rod.
Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender, said, 'This version of Dyre, unlike others Bitdefender has previously analysed, distributes itself through three different emails, thus increasing the chances of more users falling victim.
But unlike others of her age, she has no plans to retire.
The minister said, "Preserving handicrafts, as a part of civil heritage, wears a grave importance in an attempt to survive --by its high quality and distinctiveness -- unlike others which vanished over ages.
Protected by no less than seven patents, the Kahr pistols have a trigger system that is unlike others.
And may I inform Nick Clegg that such a bonus payment will be treated with the contempt it deserves , carers deserve "something for something" unlike others who ask for and get "something for nothing", GEORGE HERSCHEL Choppington, Northumberland
I've just discovered a great cleanser, unlike others which can feel a bit astringent or stripping.
During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 'Awake' star said that she has no qualms about playing a sex object on the silver screen but she never used sex to get ahead in Hollywood, unlike others, the New York Post reported.