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And today she revealed she's landed the July cover of Red magazine, with the tag line teasing, "Stacey Dooley on finding magic in the unlikeliest of places."
Dubai: Ian Bell hopes England's cramped season next year might help him stage the unlikeliest of international comebacks.
On the 5th, the sheriff, along with the unlikeliest of posses, fights back.
Is this the end of any wedding plans for Emmerdale's unlikeliest couple?
And now he's shared his video to give GazetteLive readers a fascinating snapshot of the wildlife you can see around these parts - even in the unlikeliest of environments.
A DISGRACED US politician attempts the unlikeliest of comebacks in an award-winning and highly entertaining movie.
World number 772 Marcus Willis proved the unlikeliest of home Wimbledon heroes on Monday, sealing a fairytale 6-3 6-3 6-4 victory over Ricardas Berankis, ranked more than 700 places up above him.
The year is 1592, and Will is just starting out on his career, finding inspiration in the unlikeliest places.
Stellar performances distinguish this show about hard times, sisterhood, and hope in the unlikeliest places.
Netflix and DreamWorks Animation engineered the new shows knowing exactly what kids love most: rewatching their favorite scenes.The three new "5 Minute Favorites," launching Wednesday on Netflix, showcase favorite scenes following the rapid adventures of Ty-Rux and Revvit as they demonstrate important lessons of teamwork and friendship -- even among the unlikeliest of pairs.
As unlikely as it seems that someone could pitch a 13-inning shutout in his second and last major league game, less than two months after pitching on the sandlots, it turns out Fisher has some interesting competition for the unlikeliest pitching performance ever in the major leagues.
Proving that striking the right tone is all it takes to transform an outlandish concept--like an antiquarian book dealer launching an escort service to compensate for lost income--into a relatively classy night at the movies, John Turturro brings sensitivity and intelligence to a subject that could have gone terribly awry in "Fading Gigolo:' Featuring a welcome performance by Woody Allen as the world's unlikeliest pimp, and a wonderfully sensual turn by Turturro as an equally surprising lover, this wryly observant dramedy recognizes (and respects) the erogenous appeal of cinema in a way that should play especially well to the distaff half of older arthouse-goers.