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U] Unlikeliness (unlikely responses suggesting feigned distress), and [G] Guardedness (defensive denial).
It is based on an incorrect assumption about a child's unlikeliness to change if she has committed a serious offense and/or has a history in the juvenile justice system.
Two participants indicated the importance of reserve components increased with the termination of the draft and the unlikeliness of its reconstitution, as well as the continuing question of the eligibility of women for selective service.
Indeed, once violence begins, a PMSC may act in very robust ways, knowing the unlikeliness of backup from public or other private forces.
And our uneasiness concerning this shift to a prosaics of memory, is it but that of petulant readers deprived of Active unlikeliness, of a more obvious type of lyric enchantment?
05) reduction of PCV, Hb concentration, and RBC count is an indication of unlikeliness of the extract to cause anaemia [21].
To help myself see what is not there, I try to approach fieldwork with a sense of wonder at the supreme unlikeliness of the mundane.
220) Given the current unlikeliness of the United States abandoning joint filing, however, I offer a second-best, attainable solution: a balkanized joint filing regime.
41) The distinctiveness of the new elite and unlikeliness of inclusion in the old system can be also be argued for by the common view in academia that Saakashvili was using the anti-corruption drive as a political tool to eliminate his political enemies and clean up the old system:
The unlikeliness of Hecuba sharing an experience with the young prince of Denmark leads Enterline to her other argumentative claim, that the separation of speaker from the person being imitated leads to a loosening of other social categories.
Given the unlikeliness of a large public awareness of the CFP market, I'm willing to give the Board the benefit of the doubt that these increases are, indeed, encouraging.
No similar assertion was made to describe an opposite course of action if the outlook for the labor market improves more than expected, tacitly highlighting the unlikeliness the Fed sees that outcome as having.