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I am especially interested in how Augustine imagines his exit from his unlikely place of unlikeness. He describes, more or less in the same breath, perfection and its apparent undoing (conf.
In representing Hallam as "more" than a brother since "he supplied my want the more / As his unlikeness fitted mine" (79.19-20), Tennyson adopts the logic usually applied to bride and groom.
to use Fantasy for this purpose, in a sense, that is, which combines with its older and higher use as an equivalent of Imagination the derived notions of 'unreality' (that is, of unlikeness to the Primary World), of freedom from the domination of observed 'fact,' in short of the fantastic." Tolkien, ibid, pp.
They explore the forms of likeness and unlikeness in Proclus, divine creation and human responsibility in Plato's Timaeus, unqualified generation in Aristotle's natural philosophy, Glaucon's fate: Plato's Republic and the drama of the soul, The birds and the bees: Aristotle on the biological concept of analogue, and dialectic and proto-phenomenology in Aristotle's Topics and Physics.
"St" clips the heavy sibilance of "sl." Most of all we hear the combination of "a" and "s" (asleep, Asbury, as I bake), which, besides imbuing the poem with a gentle susurrant sound, immediately puts us in mind of simile, "the figure of likeness that," as Maureen McClane has remarked elsewhere, "bears always within itself the seed of unlikeness."
It is possible that the likeness between normal and mirrored characters results in a similar N170 pattern and the unlikeness between normal and inverted characters leads to the delayed N170 component in the latter.
(16) For detailed discussions of the similarities between Henley's play and Chekhov's see Jean Gagen, "Most Resembling Unlikeness, and Most Unlike Resemblance': Beth Henley's Crimes of the Heart and Chekhov's Three Sisters," Studies in American Drama, 1945-Present (1989) 4: 119-128; Joanne Karpinski, "The Ghosts of Chekhov's Three Sisters Haunt Beth Henley's Crimes of the Heart," in Modern American Drama: The Female Canon, ed.
This argument does respond to the unlikeness of effective collective action and we should view these types of emissions reductions as obligatory despite radically non-ideal political conditions.
It further cited the unlikeness of fiscal reforms to take place, to secure the much-delayed International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance, highlighting concerns such as the long duration of the transition period, as well as possible reactions by the Muslim Brotherhood.
(25) His state of mind as he encounters Beatrice is explicitly compared with his state of mind in Canto I and II of Inferno--that "region of unlikeness" in which things were not what they seemed.
Herbert Butterfield claims that the aim of the historian is not a quest for sanctuary, but "the elucidation of the unlikeness between past and present." (36) Historians, he elaborates, are interested in the past precisely because it is different from what we know today.
In the second, The Land of Unlikeness, aging academic and art appraiser Clive makes a life-altering decision after a return home to Michigan to visit his mother prompts him to give up "his dream of the world's idea of success." Both novellas feature characters anchored deep in place and seeking "a sense of absolutely belonging on Earth."