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In the second, The Land of Unlikeness, aging academic and art appraiser Clive makes a life-altering decision after a return home to Michigan to visit his mother prompts him to give up "his dream of the world's idea of success.
There's not much to recommend in the first collections of Oppen and Rukeyser, either; and Lowell was so disappointed with certain poems in Land of Unlikeness, his small press debut collection, that he substantially rewrote many of them for his far more successful Lord Weary's Castle.
The preface, titled "The Marriage of Marianne and Uncle Sam," frames the history that follows as a tale of "that strange shotgun marriage between an utterly foreign population and our American people, which took place in 1803," a relationship "in which each has modified the thoughts and habits of the other, of the new manner of life they have evolved," and "a fascinating tale by reason of its uncontrolled passion, its quaint foreign flavor, its tropic tang, its unlikeness to the grim saga of the settlement of New England" (xiii).
Streete argues that a new English notion of all humans' fundamental unlikeness to God, because of their distortion by sin, contributed to Renaissance iconoclasm, since the chain of assumed likenesses leading to the king--that "little God," as James I approvingly called himself (206)--could be nothing but a chain of false signs.
As an aural pattern that works by likeness and unlikeness, the rhyme also underscores his honest yet imperfect attempt to reconcile himself to his origins.
Hopkins goes on to say that the very notion of eye rhyme is invalid because of the nature of rhyme as a meeting of the like and the unlike: "There are two elements in the beauty rhyme has to the mind, the likeness or sameness of sound and the unlikeness or difference of meaning (Journals, p.
For Christian theists the reasoning that has enabled them to have a dialogue with science is analogical thinking, allowing for both a likeness and an unlikeness between the reality of God and the reality of finite things.
Thus, because God was an emblematist engaging in the creative use of metaphor, Agamben can see how "according to the implicit wisdom of the emblematic project, this displacement is also a token of redemption, this unlikeness a superior likeness," metaphor's perceivable, liberating potential (143).
The term "difference" in this essay has ordinary meanings: a state of unlikeness, a point of dissimilarity, or a distinguishing characteristic.
It is only on the level of particulars that difference is manifested not just in determinate distinctions and regular motion but also in deficiency, disorder, and imperfection, the inconstant variability and indeterminacy of generated beings with respect to themselves, their negativity with respect to their governing paradigms--their intrinsic unlikeness, as the Statesman myth has it.
Together with showing that the common ousia shared by the three hypostases cannot belong to the homoiousians' order of likeness, to say nothing of the anomoeans' statement about its unlikeness, but must be exactly the same (i.