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Thomson & French are perfectly solvent," replied Danglars, with an almost mocking smile: "but the word unlimited, in financial affairs, is so extremely vague.
Oh, sir," said Danglars, after he had convinced himself of the authenticity of the documents he held, and rising as if to salute the power of gold personified in the man before him, -- "three letters of unlimited credit
It's like a city of unlimited favorites,' says Robert Yupangco, president and chief operating officer of Zoomanity Group that runs and manages UnliCity.
Jason Paris, CEO of Spark Home Mobile and Business, explains, When we launched our unlimited mobile plan, we were very clear that to be able to provide unlimited data at the cheapest price New Zealanders had ever seen, it had to be unlimited data just to your phone not to all your devices, or to share with family and friends.
com/verizon-unlimited-data-plans-carrier-threatens-disconnect-customers-using-more-200gb-2472683) Verizon Unlimited Data Plans: Carrier Threatens To Disconnect Customers Using More Than 200GB Of Data Per Month
Public Mobile offers two basic unlimited plans, at CAD24 per month for unlimited talk and CAD40 per month for unlimited talk and text, and gives customers a chance to choose the additional features they prefer, with a CAD5 per month option to allow unlimited national long distance calls and a CAD10 option for unlimited Canadian and US long distance calls.
It explains that the promotion also offers 40% discount on the newly introduced unlimited plus plan.
The Alvarez lease also contained provisions allowing the tenant unlimited rights to sublet without landlord's consent; unlimited rights of assignment without landlord's consent; unlimited rights to future assignments; and the right to occupy the apartment as non-primary residence without it being a default under the lease.
Unlimited events include the four-year-old Black Enterprise/Bank of America Entrepreneurs Conference, held annually in May, and the Black Enterprise & AXA/Equitable Ski Challenge, which premiered in January of this year.
The current Camping Unlimited program served 150 at-risk youth.
In terms of liability, the IRS noted that under Section 135 of the Nova Scotia Companies Act, during a windup, the members of an unlimited company were liable to contribute to the company's assets an amount sufficient for the payment of its liabilities together with the expense of winding up.