unlimited sovereignty

See: home rule
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Given the current level of development of international law, no regime has such unlimited sovereignty to massacre its own people.
7) The report also focuses on the concept of 'shared sovereignty': the idea that we live in an increasingly interdependent world, and that the nation can no longer enjoy unlimited sovereignty.
Mises has emphasized that "the principle of unlimited sovereignty cannot be maintained in a world where the international division of labor results in a mutual dependence of every nation on all other nations" (Selected Writings of Ludwig von Mises 2000, 3:183).
Heifer discusses the American insistence on unlimited sovereignty after September 11, which has made it reluctant to prosecute terrorism as a violation of international law.
But, for the true disciple, Britain remained the only sure and certain champion of unlimited sovereignty.
The obsessive retention of the principle of unlimited sovereignty could only lead to what he termed an "unhappy situation.
But he refused to let the idea of unlimited sovereignty blind him to the higher ideals of cosmopolitan "hospitality" and "universal" rights.
The more contraception was accepted, the more man would believe he had unlimited sovereignty over his body.
The political thought of The Cantos represents an attempt to restore the Anglo-Saxon heritage --it is against unlimited sovereignty and therefore fundamentally anti-Nazi.