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Although our study is of moderate size, and we have limited epidemiologic data owing to its unlinked, anonymized nature, the fact that patient groups are drawn from the same clinics should minimize the effect of unrecognized confounding factors.
Although China had the world's largest installed wind generating capacity by 2010, critics said that much of it was unlinked to the actual grid.
Ric Gillespie, the group s executive director, said he came across a photograph of Nikumaroro taken in 1937 by a British expedition that -- unlinked to Earhart -- was assessing the uninhabited island for potential settlement.
Health officials in Northern Ireland also revealed that a different - and apparently unlinked - strain of the infection claimed the life of another baby in Altnagelvin hospital in Londonderry last month.
A different - and apparently unlinked - strain of the infection also claimed the life of another baby in Altnagelvin hospital in Londonderry last month, health officials said.
Ignoring the incongruity that an article under the banner of "Business View" should espouse communist ideals; the logic and arguments used to support the central proposition were embarrassingly weak and it relied on a series of unlinked incoherent assertions.
Our results offer support for our design, suggesting that students in linked sections connect the majority of specific topics to both accounting and finance more at the end of the semester than at the beginning, as opposed to a limited control group of students in unlinked sections who did not recognize the same topics as joint finance and accounting content.
The other big challenge was to replace our two unlinked order-processing systems - Retail and Wholesale, plus Business Objects for reporting-with one integrated package that we could also use later on for ingredients and recipe formulations.
Other government agencies, for instance, might require a separate opening and inspection of containers and be unlinked to any intergovernmental body.
Hospital D also had a lower linkage rate (93%) with the majority of unlinked cases occurring in 2003 to early 2004 (71% of unlinked cases).
Premiering at Swansea Grand Theatre in 2007, it was set in the modern day and followed the lives of four women whose lives were seemingly unlinked until an underlying story connecting them was revealed.