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Also, the second loan agreement, in the principal amount of ILS200m, will bear simple unlinked ILS interest for 8.
Population structure and Kinship were inferred on the basis of 30 unlinked SSR loci covering all the 21 chromosomes which enhanced the mapping strength by eliminating spurious associations.
Five were connected to each other through a birthday party in Clydach in late June, and a sixth, unlinked case was reported in Gorseinon soon after.
Markers that are genetically linked to a QTL influencing the trait of interest will segregate more frequently with trait values (large or small egg size in our example), whereas unlinked markers will not show significant association with phenotype.
TWO girls have gone missing from the same area on the same day in apparently unlinked circumstances.
IMPLANTS DESIGN: Linked constrained and unlinked unconstrained implants are available.
It also said that the two unlinked cases showed a clustering of viruses derived from Qatar and the UAE.
Unlinked reading is the kind that requires of me deeper attention and allows me to ruminate.
As you can see from the charts, they think judicial pay should be increased, that current pay levels keep good prospects off the bench, and that lawmaker pensions should be unlinked from judicial pay.
We used an unlinked, anonymous HIV seroprevalence survey of sexual health clinic attendees in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, compared results from testing of residual serum samples collected for routine syphilis testing from sentinel clinics, and analyzed basic epidemiologic data (6).