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In fact, the proposed elevation of the minimum age from 65 to 70 years and unlinking the benefit amount from the minimum wage seem to focus mainly on future, but easily predicted impacts of falling social security coverage.
les merveilleux nuages', always unlinking themselves, refusing context, undoing their own formulation.
Devulcanizing" is the process of unlinking all these chains again so that they can again behave virtually as the original raw rubber and mixtures with carbon black as virtually that of the compounded stock from which rubber products are made.
As we anticipated, the unlinking of trades in JSCC resulted in an increase in notional terminated.
The significant results in this cycle reflect the effect of unlinking trades in SwapClear and the compression efficiency achieved when trades are concentrated in one book rather than dispersed across many trading books in an organization, said Peter Weibel, CEO of triReduce.