unliquidated claim

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The liability amount is based on the excess value of the transferred property over the unliquidated claim for taxes, plus penalties and interest, as of the date of the offending transfer.
At trial, the garage moved to dismiss the suit on the ground that acceptance of the check constituted an accord and satisfaction, and that since the check was offered to satisfy a disputed or unliquidated claim, the claimant could not reject the condition and also accept payment.
any contingent or unliquidated claim, the fixing or liquidation of which .
12) An equitable distribution claim is an unliquidated claim at every stage prior to final judgment, and a clear legal right does not exist prior to that point.
In 2009, the Illinois legislature considered and rejected an amendment to the Illinois Rules of Civil Procedure that would have, for the first time, allowed recovery of prejudgment interest on unliquidated claims, including negligence-based tort claims.
For example, the Comments to section 1 of the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (1995) state that "The requirement that the right be `fixed and certain' excludes unliquidated claims from the coverage of the Act, such as disputed tort claims.
The distinction between liquidated and unliquidated claims is closely linked to this "penalty theory" of prejudgment interest.
Billups, who was represented by counsel in the bankruptcy proceeding, also completed a form listing his assets that specifically asked if he any had any contingent or unliquidated claims of any kind.
A trustee now values contingent and unliquidated claims without going to the court.
The courts, especially in cases involving unliquidated claims, have been reluctant to permit the payment of interest in the calculation of damages that occur in the period prior to the date of the damage award.