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The civil society involved in the protests sent a letter to the Director General of the Merchant Marine and Ports Directorate asking for a review of the decision to unload the shipment from this vessel.
'They unloaded military supplies and equipment,' Tesorero said.
Antony, 51 became the latest victim of the gawking fee when members of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions thrashed him when he refused to pay money to them after he had himself unloaded sacks of cement for construction of his house.
Khalis Hussein[euro]i a truck driver unloading wheat at Erbil's silo[euro]i said the system of unloading the grain is better than last year[euro]i when he waited six days to unload the grain.
Each train will be carrying 1,100 tonnes of cargo, spread across 21 wagons, which will need to be unloaded in 30 minutes.
"They have redeveloped their yard area and paper reels are no longer handled manually, but unloaded mechanically from the sides of trailers with a clamp truck.
1 : to take away or off : remove <Workers unloaded cargo.>
way to unload bulk materials at high rates over long distances from pneumatic bulk trailers.
DOCKERS were last night working round the clock to unload 45,000 tons of goods from the ship dubbed the SS Santa.
DOCKERS worked round the clock last night to unload 3,000 containers of Christmas gifts from the world's biggest ship.
Max Vac vacuums clean up plant spills, convey, reclaim, load, unload, and pick up materials at points simultaneously with a central manifold system (portable, stationary, towable, or dump-truck mounted).
If it comes in by truck or rail to a consumer, they can unload it right from the vehicle into their stockpile or direct-charge it into the furnace," he adds.