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Ezra Balagtey, the spokesperson of the Philippine Army's Eastern Mindanao Command (EastMinCom), said the helicopters were civilian in nature and that they don't have any information on what other supposedly military supplies and equipment were unloaded from the foreign plane.
The truck returned from the site with the remaining 15 sacks that were yet to be unloaded.
The highest quantity of unloaded fish by artisan fishing was recorded in the Governorate of South A'Sharqiyah with a quantity of 27 thousand and 363 tons; followed by the Governorate of Al Wusta with 27 thousand and 131 tons.
Meanwhile, unloaded and loaded cargo at Salalah port recorded a growth of 43.9% by the end of April 2014 reaching 3.7 million tonnes, compared with 2.6 million tonnes during the same period in 2013.
Dukkha Unloaded depicts police detective Sam Reeves not long after using deadly force, and returning to duty perhaps too soon.
Senior Merchant Shipping Department official Andreas Constantinou last Wednesday announced the Russian-owned, Cyprus-flagged Monchegorsk has been unloaded and the ship is free to leave.
The Geartek SED model is unloaded upon receiving an electrical input from an automatic or manually controlled source.
The system overcomes the problem by enabling trailers with standard convey lines to be unloaded at much V higher rates--without any modifications to the trailers.
An operator would simply guide the low-height dolly into position under a truck and align its pick-up pan with each of the truck's hopper gates in turn as each hopper was ready to be unloaded. Four pneumatically actuated lifters at the corners of the QuadLift dolly elevate the pan to press it firmly against the hopper gate to form a complete seal, then the gate is opened.
But the exemption for other private citizens traveling with guns applies only to unloaded, locked guns and unloaded guns carried by hunters with permission from school officials to traverse whatever school zones lie between them and their destinations.
During one walk, subjects carried hand weights equal to 10% of their body weight ("loaded"), and during the other walk they carried nothing ("unloaded").
Grain unloaded from a grain car is difficult and expensive to clean because the Canadian system is designed to ship grain rather than receive it.