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HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies has machined successors to its Model 2100 and 2206 PipeMaster Unloaders.
Quality Freight's specialist team at Quality Freight moved the 50-metre high, 140-tonne unloaders which Newport had acquired from RWE following the closure of the power station in October 2013.
Siwertell will deliver a ST 940 DOB-type ship unloader on a turn-key basis.
The Baggage Unloader was developed to assist handlers in transferring bags from a trolley onto a conveying line in the airport.
In 1999, Tenova TAKRAF also supplied a CSU for Pier IV and an additional large grab unloader for the same Pier in 2009.
Luis Omar Viera from New Buffalo Shirt Factory used Challenger III D J4 automatic screen printing press, Passport automatic T-shirt unloader, and Fusion electric conveyor dryer, all from M&R, to set a new world record of 2139 T-shirts screen printed in one hour by a single operator.
The mobile bulk bag unloader brings added flexibility to in-plant powder, flakes and granular materials delivery systems.
unloader becomes moot in two years (the gantry cranes are being installed to do exactly what an unloader does).
The unloader valve is usually built into the pressure switch assembly.
The company also invented a travelling hammermill to work in conjunction with a railroad car dumper; a crane that automatically replaces worn wire rope when safety requires it; and the Continuous Barge Unloader, a machine with a series of buckets running in a continuous loop, which now makes up the majority of unloaders on the Mississippi Delta.
Earlier this month, Cargotec said it would supply an enclosed screw-type unloader, featuring the Siwertell sulphur safety system, to Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd.
Bulk bag unloader systems, designed and built specifically for pharmaceutical and food processing and packaging operations, help ensure compliance with domestic and international sanitary standards.