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The unloader was designed and supplied by Swedish-based company, BMH Marine AB, but sub-contracting of a number of elements gave the project a local content of about 60 per cent.
Controlled vibration on a bulk bag unloader helps operators discharge the most difficult to handle materials.
Fremantle Port Authority's chief executive officer, Kerry Sanderson, said the environmental benefits of continuous unloader technology were a significant factor in the awarding of the contract.
The new unit has all the well proven attributes of PSR's first unloader.
Other machine shops using the K&C unloader have run jobs with chrome-plated bar stock through it without marring the finish.
In addition to the five Siwertell unloaders in Taiwan, FPC operates one Siwertell unloader in China and one in the US.
The Empticon is a newly developed container unloader worked by a single operator, who is able to operate all the functions of the machine remotely via a wireless control panel.
To solve this problem CHAD has developed standard loader and unloader solutions for 125mm to 300mm wafers using its established line of WaferMate automated wafer handling workcells.
This automated bulk bag unloader system uses a fully integrated, 4-stage material conditioning sequence to prepare and extremely agglomerated, rocklike material for supply to a downstream liquefaction process.
Frequent changes of carbon blacks led the company's engineers to design an interchangeable-frame system complete with unloader assembly.
With the aid of the vacuum tray unloader, both lids and trays are actively extracted from the machine and formed to stacks.
The Oven Unloader is designed to unload bread, bun, hearth products and bakable containers from a variety of oven types.