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With the IBC2000 bulk bag unloaders in place, operators simply attach the straps of each 2,000-lb super sack to a universal pick-up device and then use a forklift to raise and insert each bag into one of the six unloaders, which have heavy duty tubular steel frames that keep the bags firmly in place.
Mounted on load cells, the unloader is equipped for loss-of-weight batching into customer-supplied receiving vessels or downstream processes.
John Keenan, chartering director at Quality Freight UK, oversaw the operation to move the unloaders, working closely with colleagues at RWE and Newport Industries.
Siwertell, part of Cargotec, has secured a contract to supply a sixth unloader for the Mai-Liao power plant in Taiwan.
Heyl & Patterson innovated the Railcar Dumper Unloader and offers a wide range of bulk material handling equipment, including Railcar & Barge Movers and Barge Unloaders.
Earlier this month, Cargotec said it would supply an enclosed screw-type unloader, featuring the Siwertell sulphur safety system, to Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd.
Abington Group, a Portsmouth heavy industrial contractor, has successfully completed the assembly and installation of a Siwertell coal unloader at the Schiller Station power plant in Portsmouth.
The unloaders also feature a Spout-Lock clamp ring that forms a high-integrity seal between the clean side of the bag spout and the clean side of the equipment, while a telescoping tube maintains constant downward pressure on the clamp ring and bag spout, elongating the bag as it empties to promote complete discharge.
The unloaders' surge hoppers are equipped with the company's flexible screw conveyors that gravimetrically feed hulk solids into a central solid-liquid eductor that blends the material into a liquid stream in variable ratios set by the user.
GAS Products, located in Blue Springs, MO designs and manufactures unloaders, valves, and valve components, including its radial poppet valve and unloader product line, as well as an array of poppet valve repair components for reciprocating gas and air compressors.
Standard components include bulk-bag unloaders, bag-dump stations, feed bins, various types of receivers, electric and pneumatic vacuum power sources, wide selection of filtration devices and controls ranging from on/off switches to computer-compatible, microprocessor-based panels with illuminated system displays.
Options include automatic bar feeders, gantry loaders, work stockers, shaft loaders and unloaders, parts catchers, tool setters, and high-pressure coolant pumps.