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facility, located up the river from the Yamato dock, unloads approximately 1.
Three critical factors to consider include temperature retention through proper insulation, 100% seal efficiency at all openings and near zero moisture introduction from outside air during the load and unload process.
5 liters of blood per minute and actively unloads the ventricle, increasing the cardiac output and both coronary and end-organ perfusion.
A combination of terminal congestion and shifting customer demands contributed to the shortfall in unloads compared with the guidelines.
While guidelines were exceeded at the port of Thunder Bay, terminals at Vancouver were unable to unload all CN-delivered cars.
CN unloads at the Port of Prince Rupert were 584 compared with a target of 700.
As a result of congestion, CN unloads at Vancouver terminals were limited to 1,022 cars - 91 per cent of the 1,120-car guideline.
CN unloads at Vancouver were 1,234 - 103 per cent of the 1,200 car guideline.
CN unloads at Vancouver were 1,427 - 119 per cent of the 1,200 car guideline.