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nz, the free game, supported by in-app purchases include a comic inspired presentation, collectable players, and character levelling with associated unlockable skills, among other features.
com)-- Available today, iSports Bowling, the second installment in the iSports series, offers users a realistic bowling simulator with unlockable content including bowling alleys, 14 custom bowling balls and pins, and more than 30 custom avatars.
You are rewarded for your skills with upgrade points to spend on a wide range of unlockable content.
While the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions both feature unlockable content and a Dangerous Secret, the PS3 version of the Day One pack will also feature 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay which is not on the Xbox 360.
It includes unlockable secrets, a customisable lead character, plus a slick control method that mixes running, jumping, loop-the-looping and combat slides with just left, right, up and down buttons.
comes bundled with the game, and a bonus C-3PO unlockable avatar for Dance
There are plenty of other unlockable goodies along the way for the completionists out there, and everything's executed with super-cute LEGO-style characters, whose cubic heads make just enough movement from the top-down view in each sport to give an excellent sense of 3D perspective.
That aside the campaign and battle modes are good fun, with a decent storyline keeping you interested along with all manner of unlockable content.
Hayley is an unlockable character on Guitar Hero World Tour.
battle cry as your invulnerability power-up, the unlockable PSAs are the only saving grace for this would-be Call of Duty.
You can use your Vii or a customized character, and outfit them with unlockable gear, including new skis, gloves, and outfits.
Plus, with eight-way multi-player capability and a tonne of in-game unlockable content such as legendary players, there no doubt this will occupy most of your time in between the real-life matches.