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Rather than the unbridled discourse of the medieval marketplace, in which commoners could unloose their frustrations at those in power, this state-controlled language twists Isma'il's existing vocabulary such that each signifier comes to mean its opposite.
As Averill Harriman told several European ambassadors during a visit to the British embassy, they haven't seen anything compared with the "flood of organized propaganda which the Administration is about to unloose.
Like every other poem in these two volumes, "In Babylon" lacks any punctuation other than the line break, allowing Carson to unloose a shifting play of syntax across those lines--is there a period after "shadows" or after "expires"?
While it would be foolish to suggest that September 11 caused all this, it seems natural that its aftershocks would unloose an avalanche of stories filled with misery, despair, even nihilism.
The first, labeled "The Ocean Shall Unloose the Bonds of Things" (Seneca) details in four chapters the European (primarily Iberian) initiative and Amerindian response.
Observe the mythic references in "Veve" from The Arrivants: A New World Trilogy: those which challenge cultural despair and whose intent exists for all West Indian culture to embrace their African heritage: "And so the black eye travels to the brink of vision / but not yet; / hold back the fishnet's fling of morn- /ing; unloose the sugarcane;" (20-3).
She then prophesized that if free African Americans devote their interests more persistently to "moral worth and intellectual improvement," the result would be palpable: "prejudice would gradually diminish, and the whites would be compelled to say, unloose those fetters" ("Franklin Hall" 49).
After his father's death, Whitman painfully expressed his desire for reconciliation in a verse about the loss of his poetic power: "I throw myself upon your breast my father, / I cling to you so that you can not unloose me, / I hold you so firm till you answer me something.
To de-construct is to analyze (from the Greek: analuo, unloose, set free).
As every Liszt scholar knows, the realization of poetic ideas through musical form became a Gordian knot which New German composers sought to unloose in the 1850s.
The coalition used much money to deploy an army of signature-gatherers to get their measure on the ballot, but they have shown little indication that they will unloose hired field workers to boost turnout.