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Institutions of higher education had been too far undermined by the frenzy for corporate and government research money, a craze that unloosed the academy from its customary, protective insularity and exposed it to all the disorientations of the modern state.
Well, responsible studies have been made of the possibility that a mini black hole, once unloosed, could gobble up more and more matter.
And then, repeat the gospel-call, simply and clearly: A new life unloosed from anxiety is even now being born.
A strong cord was made fast to the bull's horns and tied round his fore legs, "the chain was unloosed from the stake, guards were told off, who, with fixed bayonets, reconducted the poor animal in triumph into the town, a vast crowd, of course, 'assisting' at the novel ceremony".
And so the knot of Eve's disobedience received its unloosing through the obedience of Mary; for what Eve, a virgin, bound by incredulity, that Mary, a virgin, unloosed by faith.
Now with time, energy and prospects, the human forces in the terrorist are unloosed through violence, hate and fear.
The chief officer had been strolling about the deck and noticed the reflection of the riding-light on the water, I chuckled to think how small the opposition would feel when we unloosed our cannon of testimony.
Accompaniment) Then as the thong unloosed its sweep, it coiled Cir.
As she later stated in The Second Twenty Years at Hull House and in Peace and Bread in Time of War, "I firmly believed that through an effort to feed people, a new and powerful force might be unloosed in the world and would in the future have to be reckoned with as a factor in international affairs.
The modulation of the Cade sequence into knockabout, carnivalesque mode, not to mention the likely impersonation of clowning Cade by hilarious Will Kemp, would have unloosed a "dialogic" of complex effects, establishing "not simply parody, but metaparody.
When unloosed and played out, sloppy readings rarely infiltrate accounts other than Hardt's.
The pent-up energies of a great industry have been unloosed, and the momentum generated in the last few years will not easily subside.