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Feeling 'bad', ie incompetent, useless, rejected, unloveable, etc, is actually evidence that the carer is doing something good by receiving these communications.
Micky Rooney played Baron Hardup in Cinderella when he was 87 and the unloveable Mr T of the A Team was the genie in Aladdin (like Frank Bruno).
Jones - who had a huge hit with You're Gorgeous - has teamed up with movie star Johnny Depp for his latest single Unloveable.
Those unloveable in their remembrance miss the irony that they, themselves, would deprive the rest of us the freedom to pay our homage in our own way.
He is the star of the show as the definitely unloveable rogue Billy Bigelow, barker of the carousel who wins and breaks the heart of many a woman.
As far as the mystery bloke standing to the right of the footballer formely known as Andy Cole on the pre-match team photo is concerned, all became clear when Karl Power was eventually named as the unloveable rogue.
And you'd think Gail would be relieved at getting a daughter-in-law whose most serious crime is being besotted with her eldest, massively unloveable son and who is desperate to give her another grandchild ASAP.
getting killed in Albert Square before sunbathing with unloveable Welsh eccentrics in Gavin & Stacey's incredibly seasonal seaside spectacular.
There have been some wonderful characterisations throughout, with Tom Courtenay bravely unloveable as the self-indulgent, vain and brutally snobbish Mr Dorrit, Judy Parfitt as the dragon-like Mrs Clennam, the wonderful Eddie Marsan as snorting pit-bull Pancks, and Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam, the rock around which all previous storms have dashed themselves.
THE unloveable Amy Winehouse has been in the news a lot lately, most recently for carving "I love Blake" into her flesh with shards of broken glass in front of a shocked journalist and photographer and then saying: "I'm not in this to be a f*** role model.
And to show he's lost none of his pulling power, for Jones has got Johnny Depp to direct the video for new single Unloveable.