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So, Boris Johnston is now Prime Minister and he's got down to business by sacking just about everyone and bringing back the most unloyal of the Tory backbenchers.
And now fan theories that the reason Sam couldn't bring himself to comment is because Georgia has been "unloyal" - something that she denies.
Are we as unloyal to our jobs as we're accused of being?
A disobedient, unloyal dog who hated being cuddled or petted was nonetheless a more absorbent sponge for our affection than a state-fair goldfish.
Trouble is, they don't realise that civil servants are the most unloyal voters and will still vote for the parties that secured them their jobs, regardless of who is in office.
Eddie talks to Alicia ahead of his getaway date and Alicia says she doesn't want to be unloyal to Kam.
Cruz risks Republicans viewing him as unprincipled if he endorses, or unloyal to the party if he doesn't.
"The main problem is that from now on details must be discussed, and since the other party is unloyal, stubborn and into backstabbing, in the discussions on details they might restrict" the negotiators and Iran, he said in a speech Apr 16.
I can't understand why I feel people are suspicious of me and think I am unloyal [sic].
draft dodgers, and protestors with their signs" back in America: Show no pity on the draft-card burners back home For they are the unloyal That threaten the land we own.
Though the world did not end, the economic apocalypse sent thousands of Bulgarian SMEs falling by the wayside.A Traditionally called the backbone of the economy, these companies were pressed by shrinking demand, unloyal and unregulated competition from imports (aka smuggling), bureaucratic regulations.
These words, in the social context, receive two explanations: the nostalgic one, of those who are not adapted to the conditions of the competitively as it is the capitalist society and also are not adapted to the unloyal competition in the corrupt Romanian post communist society.