unlucky person

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Dirk Stroeve was one of those unlucky persons whose most sincere emotions are ridiculous.
On the other hand, if the flame of a candle leans toward someone, or the smoke from a wick they extinguish sinks and curls instead of rising in a straight line, the unlucky person will be ill or, according to some interpretations, die.
We tend to view ourselves as either a lucky or unlucky person yet what happens when that belief is altered?
If there is one unlucky person in the world, it's me.
I had a dream and was very desperate to participate in matriculation exams and today's science paper was my favorite but I am the most unlucky person because I could not attend the exams," Faisal Ahmad told media persons.
ONE unlucky person has just missed out on a EuroMillions prize worth more than [euro]190,000.
I tell everyone I am the luckiest unlucky person on the planet.
Leanne also admits she felt like "the most unlucky person in the world" being diagnosed after her first smear.
FIRST of all I would like to say sorry to the unlucky person who had bought the euro lottery winning ticket six months ago.
There is this perception that Dubai is like this party paradise in the Middle East - and the thing is that most people get through just fine, but you can be the unlucky person ends up getting arrested," said Stirling.
Whoever was the unlucky person Cam told about being Carl's murderer.
And all the while he stresses, softly and persistently, that no-one should consider him an unlucky person.