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Unmade in China documents the three major segments of the production process--scripting, shooting, and editing--as they were constantly reworked due to censorship, restrictions, and other contingencies.
The unmade bed, littered with condoms, cigarette packets and underwear, divided the critics but began the process that saw her become one of the country's most famous artists.
From Alien 5 and Night Skies to early vampire movies, any fan of science fiction film and any collection catering to them needs The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made, a survey of legendary unmade films in an expanded, updated edition covering movies that 'nearly were'.
A urine sample was left on the table by the side of my unmade bed.
Josh is sort of like an unmade stereotype," Shannon said.
Mostly European, but also American and Chinese, geographers go beyond the usual tropes of modern mobility and restless anxieties to consider questions about the meaning of home, about belonging, and about how places get made and unmade.
Having discovered the former Moonshine School House (1786) at the end of an unmade path that winds through the 150 acre East Rocks Wood, Piers Taylor's heart and mind were immediately settled.
But the artist, already famous for displaying an unmade bed, has been won over by the Liverpool show.
The body was found 400 metres from the rear of his pounds 3 million mansion at the bottom of Broken Gate Lane, an unmade road near an old mushroom farm.
What would happen if they came across her famous unmade bed installation artwork and straightened that out, hoping to please her, only to find they had knocked tens of thousands of pounds off its value.
At one stage one of the backup vans had to be hauled out of the mud on an unmade mountain road by several oxen.
Thus speaks the unmade friend of Sidney Blumenthal-Hitchens was famously set upon by the left after he accused the former Clinton administration strategist of being deceitful on behalf of the president.