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Spanning many years and traversing two continents, The Unmade World by Steve Yarbrough weaves together the worlds of sports journalism, Polish immigration to America, and burglary for an insightful story about the grieving process.
Unmade in China by Jeremy Haft, published by Polity Books, www.
Unmade in China documents the three major segments of the production process--scripting, shooting, and editing--as they were constantly reworked due to censorship, restrictions, and other contingencies.
ONE of the most controversial works of art of the last 20 years is going under the hammer when Tracey Emin's unmade bed is expected to sell for more than PS1m at auction.
In 2010, convinced that the importance of our beds had gone unexplored, Poller began “The Unmade Bed Project,” inviting people from around the world to post an image of their unmade bed on a dedicated site (http://www.
BUBBLES banned from a child's birthday party, toothpicks removed from a restaurant and a hotel cot bed left unmade are among a list of health and safety myths exposed in the past year.
My idea of art is not lengths of rope hanging from the ceiling, unmade beds, piles of bricks, firewood and pieces of scrap metal.
You can laugh at her art all you want - one of her works was an unmade bed, after all - but she gets pots of cash for her trouble and hangs about with Stella McCartney.
The play where you aggressively bet an unmade or drawing hand is known as: A) semi-bluff B) drawing-bluff C) active-bluff D) calculated-bluff 4.
LISBEE STAINTON Girl On An Unmade Bed (Marionet) SHE was the first unsigned singer to play for 30,000 people at London's 02 Arena, and the demo of single Red attracted the attention of Tom Robinson and Coldplay producer Rupert Christie.
Modern art and chilled dairy haven't crossed paths much since Tracy Emin spilled Yop on that rather unsavoury unmade bed of hers back in the late 1990s.
A urine sample was left on the table by the side of my unmade bed.