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I argue, however, that architecture is unredeemably utopian because when we make and unmake the world we always work within a vision of what "ought-to-be." To be sure, this ought-to-be can be the uncritical reproduction of what already is.
We "make conversation" when we are at a loss; we unmake it when we are alone, or with those so close to us that we can afford to be alone with them.
The incident is key to Wright's African American Bildungsroman, where the negative lesson of Chris Sims's body serves to deconstruct - or "unmake" - the evolving masculine identity of the novel's protagonist, Rex "Fishbelly" Tucker.
"I learnt long ago that honours do not make a man, any more than the withdrawal of honours unmakes one" Ex-Daily Telegraph proprietor Lord (Conrad) Black who was stripped of his Order of Canada.
That piece was deeply influenced by Elaine Scarry's book The Body in Pain, which deals with the way pain unmakes the universe and how we remake the universe through the recovery of language.
He makes the policy, or rather he unmakes his boss's policy and then gets him to announce it.