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Most qualitative researchers eschew agendas that are based on acquiring foundational knowledge or unmalleable prescriptions for practice.
Learned Hand once famously remarked, "For myself it would be most irksome to be ruled by a bevy of Platonic Guardians, even if I knew how to choose them, which I assuredly do not." (32) Hand's comment reflects skepticism at two levels--concerning the existence of timeless unmalleable political ideals and the ability of a chosen body to know and implement them.
There are no end of positives about Sakhee, including his supreme gameness and, in terms of a Classic contender, his rare ability to adapt his stride to all surfaces from morass to the unmalleable. But Dunlop, with minimal prompting, obligingly points to the one negative that troubles him as far as the Vodafone Derby challenge is concerned-the colt's physique.
It's an important distinction, one that serves to delimit what is represented from what is experienced, but Kerouac's effort as an author was, I think, precisely to erase it, to use the "spontaneous prose" of "personal secret idea words" (Charters 1995b, 484) to make the world his pages chronicle as real as bodies with real skin, creating what he called "real unreality" (Charters 1992, 221), a world rapturous and magical, as obstreperous, funny, hopeful, and infinitely forlorn as our own bodies--those unmalleable masses of matter that are, willy-nilly, our only representatives in the world.
Chinese are currently defined as unmalleable, to be untransformable into 'real people'.
Her newest poetry operates out of the fear that, if the brute literal fact of an unmalleable world isn't taken into account by poetry, then poetry in its most radical ambitions will remain effete.
With tongue in cheek, Hawthorne admits that it is difficult to "make a lively and entertaining narrative for children, with such unmalleable material as is presented by the somber, stern, and rigid characteristics of the Puritans and their descendants" (6).