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Such unadornedness was very fresh at that moment in American poetry; it modeled an unmannered and nonhysterical attention to inner life, to the natural world and the spiritual dimension of the self.
The competent institutions deny that there was a crash of an unmannered aerial vehicle near Skopje and say that the incident that occurred on Tuesday is linked to the explosion in the ironworks.
Macedonia is not a playground for unmannered and socially abandoned children but a country of one nation that is disappointed by the fact that its authorities treat it like a landfill.
1976], Perceval le Gallois [1978], L'Anglaise et le duc [The Lady and the Duke, 2001], and Astrea and Celadon), Rohmer maintained an almost religious adherence to realism, to a simple, unmannered rendering of the world whose clarity, plain arrangement, and quiet precision bespoke the rationality of his thought.
This is not a minimalist work--the use of ostinato is as unmannered as in neo-classical Stravinsky.
As Felicia Herman notes, "Streisand's characters maintain their identity by behaving in a particularly 'Jewish,' unmannered fashion.
Penelope, exercising her wiles in her role as house-guardian wife, deceives the lusting, unmannered suitors for three years; in her role as mother, she has successfully protected her clueless young son's life and his hopes for inheritance for more than twenty years.
In his David with the Head of Goliath, painted some time between 1607 and 1610 and now hanging in Rome's Galleria Borghese, David is a rough, unmannered street boy, not a sensuous, idealized ephebe.
This savagely unmannered creature then posed for her grimy little cameraman who was trailing her.
he exclaims) and, in a 1837 entry, identifies the daring that Donne commends with unmannered sincerity and emotional honesty:
Conwy Valley Love Song is wonderfully naive, with Rich's understated and unmannered vocal adding to the track's prodigious charm.