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In his David with the Head of Goliath, painted some time between 1607 and 1610 and now hanging in Rome's Galleria Borghese, David is a rough, unmannered street boy, not a sensuous, idealized ephebe.
But we suspect that by and large, despite the scholarly research by the NIMH, the road-rage incidents really stem from a combination of stressful driving conditions and a bad case of rudeness in an increasingly unmannered and mean-spirited society.
This savagely unmannered creature then posed for her grimy little cameraman who was trailing her.
he exclaims) and, in a 1837 entry, identifies the daring that Donne commends with unmannered sincerity and emotional honesty:
Conwy Valley Love Song is wonderfully naive, with Rich's understated and unmannered vocal adding to the track's prodigious charm.
However, these ingredients are in abundance in his recordings, always accompanied by a direct, unmannered, no-nonsense approach to the music.
However, one sour note came from The American Hebrew, the weekly in English of the German Jews, which attacked not Sholem personally but the Eastern European Jews of the East Side as "noisy, aggressive, unmannered and uncultivated.
Simply lend Mrs Pubillones an unmannered, carefree ankle-biter, a few thousand dollars and a school holiday (which, hey, children just waste anyhow) and she'll mould them into an ambassador, senator or society goddess of the future.
By arguing that Yan's bold, unmannered calligraphic style reflected his unshakable integrity, and by rejecting, at least in theory, the more superficially elegant manner of Wang Xizhi promoted by the imperial court, these Northern Song men used calligraphy as a means of defining themselves and their political independence.
She's such a charismatic presence on stage that her clear, unmannered playing of the Bach/Shostakovich sequence almost came as a surprise.
What's more, Kent's unmannered technique is the perfect conduit for the varied choreographers in ABT's repertory, including Balanchine, Kudelka, and Kylian.
Projected onto a white scrim with two speakers facing out, the thirty-minute tape is a single camera roll, a tour de force of composed accident and synesthesia whose unmannered and fluid beauty is the result of years of frequent shooting.