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"But lately the script writers have changed her character into a careless, unmannerly, stupid, unfeeling person.
Therefore, if you find them misbehaving, becoming unmannerly or if you feel that their talk is irrelevant, tolerate them; do not be rude and do not insult them, so that Allah may be kind and merciful to you and may reward you for obeying His commands explicitly.
'I'm unmannerly.' He moved as if to withdraw, though the grimace he fought indicated that his leaving her was not his true desire.
"Love is patient and kind a it is not rude or unmannerly."
traditional beliefs and practices against unmannerly
As I watched him devour his lunch a little too unmannerly to my liking, he spoke between mouths full, "I had to accompany a friend to the school clinic and by the time we returned recess was almost over.
What kind of future awaits this country if a working Kenyan who becomes the most famous voter in a year through no making of his own when our country historically held two general elections can be the focus of all their deleterious and unmannerly energy?
In what follows, I introduce a small selection of the twenty contributions (eighteen essays plus preface and introduction) before considering the book as a unit and raising some unmannerly counsels of perfection.
The courtly characters are replaced by unmannerly peasants, and the triumph of love over adversity is twisted into a sick sort of love-generated blindness on the part of a cuckolded husband.
An arbor may seem a bit old-fashioned, but there are roses and vines that love to climb, and without an arbor for support, they might seem unruly or unmannerly. The winter is a perfect time to plan your garden, build an arbor, and dream of spring, rambling roses, and fragrant wisteria.
If the friend then proceeded to sit in the chair herself, one might hypothesize that she had mentally mixed up the English terms "you" and "myself" (and, perhaps, that she was somewhat unmannerly).
One could argue that the Trump horror-clown that now faces us on the morning news mocks our casual dismissal of a discourteous, unmannerly, and childishly innocuous presidential candidate.