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One could argue that the Trump horror-clown that now faces us on the morning news mocks our casual dismissal of a discourteous, unmannerly, and childishly innocuous presidential candidate.
When employees effectively equate their executives with the entity, they might regard unmannerly guidance not simply as atypical conduct by a certain person but as conduct characterizing their link with the organization.
26) The common proverb remember yet oft, better to be unfed, than unmannerly taught.
Duncan, then Minister of Mobilization, is purported to have said that the school was too sanitized, implying, depending on one's interpretation, that he was either condescending to Jamaican working people, hostile and unmannerly to the German government, or simply gauche.
116) One traditionally-minded European visiting Burma in the 1890s went further, describing emancipated British women as the "shrieking, lecturing, struggling, unmannerly female, this terrible product of the nineteenth century.
There the murderers, Steeped in the colours of their trade; their daggers Unmannerly breeched with gore.
Undoubtedly there are miserly Jews, dishonest Jews, unmannerly Jews--Jews are people," Stegner wrote.
They thought that he was rude, he was unmannerly, he was arrogant and they suspected he might be unfaithful to her," says historian Piers Brendon.
Historian Piers Brendon says: "They thought that he was rude, he was unmannerly, he was arrogant and they suspected he DRAMA going to take it up with the leader of the free world.
Noise making, unmannerly attitude and navigating actions
Any differences between cultural tendencies in a democratic or constitutionalist polity obviously depend on how one defines these terms in the first place, and I had some disagreement with Finn's understanding of democracy as majoritarianism, but in his hands the concept of "civility" is recurrently helpful, especially in his willingness to characterize dissident, rule-breaking, or unmannerly behavior as "civil" if it nevertheless seeks cultural accountability to constitutional commitments (p.
While the word "barbarian" has had the fairly neutral meaning of "foreigner" in many European languages, it also includes such clearly pejorative descriptives as uncivilized, cruel, rude, uncouth, unmannerly and brutal.