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In the same family for 70 years, Everdon Hall sits in a natural amphitheatre of some of the Midlands' most beautiful rolling, wooded countryside, only two hours from London but unmarred by either development or road noise.
When it wasn't pondering the deeper meaning of women in the kitchen, my brain was feasting on the bland diet of a gray horizon unmarred by land or other boats.
Since then, new discoveries have added unmarred chambers to tours.
Selin is painfully questioning of relationships, and is determined to lead a life "unmarred by laziness, cowardice and conformity".
A picture-perfect view of an unmarred Rizal Monument in Manila is a cultural heritage, a national patrimony.
As a result they are unmarred by the negative influences of hatchery trout.
He's goodlooking in that healthy, corn-fed, all-American kind of way that often plays well on TV, his flop of sandy brown hair unmarred by any normal signs of aging.
The beautiful English Lake District has survived for many years unmarred by the close presence of a nuclear power station.
Some figures appear to have delicate, unmarred skin, again hinting at something that's easily ruptured.
Where property rights were clear and generally unmarred by political policies, recovery projects benefited from the abilities for which Japanese managers and workers are renowned.
I suppose his rather majestic poise, unmarred by rancor, lowered white defensiveness to the point where reactionaries could join with liberals in applauding his speech to Congress.
The main difference is that while Reagan's convictions are superficial, like the celluloid characters he once portrayed, the Pope's beliefs are deep-rooted, passionate and unmarred by doubt - the mark of the true fundamentalist.