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com/twitter-sues-government-trump-admin-demanded-twitter-unmask-anonymous-critic-2522131) Twitter Sues Government: Trump Admin Demanded Twitter Unmask Anonymous Critic, According To Lawsuit
What else can they unmask when so many issues have already come up?
Can they unmask those behind the supernatural goings-on?
Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has challenged the Bureau of Customs and Philippine Navy officials to unmask and put behind bars smugglers who use Sulu as base in their illegal activities.
But a number of legislators have opposed the move challenging the government to first unmask the beneficiaries of the money before making any payments.
A friend of a friend has been receiving threats from someone calling themselves "Loverboy," who threatens to unmask a superficially happily married businessman who has had encounters with gay men.
Heavy, late-spring spraying of forests with a pesticide laced with nonylphenol during the 1970s and '80s was the clue that led the biologists to unmask that chemical's role in the transitory decline of salmon in East Canada.
In particular, Smyth's investigation of the dynamic between maniera and antiquity serves to unmask "ideological alibi," remarks Cropper (employing Amadeo Quondam's term), namely the privileged and ostensibly unproblematic hegemony of classicism.
When she finally convinces him to unmask, however, Trish flees the seduction, refusing to become another notch on the notorious actor's bedpost.
Researchers hope that the probe will unmask the energy source that drives Jupiter's winds and creates their striking banded pattern.
From the outset these tracks fairly hiss with a gloss and clarity that unmask the wit and soul of Trask's songs as well as the performances.