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Companies thought it was old, unmeaningful data and treated it differently than active information, but it's just as sensitive and valuable.
However, because the realtively small number of annual observations makes further statistical work unmeaningful, work with microdata follows.
Nevertheless, we would suggest that such potential "errant readings" are not necessarily unmeaningful, given that they are rather encouraged by the alluring symmetry of applying bis thrice.
As Randy further suggested, "When you're religious I think you can be caught up with unmeaningful rituals and practices, and you can be more quote-unquote 'fake' just by being religious.
31) Women, by contrast, were a subordinate class of citizens within the settler-republican framework, and could be consigned to labor that was degrading and unmeaningful for free citizens.
Otherwise, the user can perceive them as erroneous, unmeaningful predictions.
we make them boring and unmeaningful and then they don't transfer over" to long-term memory.
Therefore, viewers may be subjected to mosaic-like pictures, unmeaningful images or 2D/3D mixed images.
This implies that trivial Ws are not totally unmeaningful but rather that, when an aspect is merely to facilitate another, the analyst should be pointed towards the aspect it facilitates.
Archbishop Cranmer's Prayer Book brings public and private together in "the belief that external practices might not only reflect but also potentially transform the internal self," that "what appears to be a simple request for an untaxing and potentially unmeaningful participation in a weekly service turns out to be a strategy to transform the worshipper's soul" (3-4).
The PI principle of human sense-making that drives the individual to invest unmeaningful data in the environment with meaning, but in HIB it also has the evolutionary function of enabling human adaptation to changes in the environment (signaled by data in the environment that has not been previously invested with meaning) for purposes of ensuring human survival.