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In this study, we evaluated the potential of the HDPS methodology to control for residual and unmeasured confounding in studies analyzing the quality of care by reanalyzing the original study by Ohlmeier et al.
Using expert opinion, this study aims to derive the prior distributions of bias parameters to adjust an unmeasured confounder when internal data sources are not available.
The plan is to use data from Nielsen's People Meter and Simulmedia's set-top box data to create a "first of its kind measurement solution for currently unmeasured cable network TV audiences.
The Problem of Unmeasured Inputs When Measuring Technical Progress
They suggest that many of the previously reported associations may have been chance findings or influenced by possible unmeasured common causes of stress and cancer, for example shift work.
It is possible that the inverse association among the women remained confounded by unmeasured smoking characteristics, although fruits and vegetables were protective in both men and women who never smoked.
Then, for the following school year (2010-11), the authors randomly assigned classrooms of students to teachers (to ensure that there were no measured or unmeasured differences in students assigned to each teacher) and then followed the students' academic progress throughout the school year.
1) Although some of these associations were apparent in standard regression analyses, they were especially evident and particularly robust in analyses that took into account unmeasured familial factors; in the latter models, mistimed pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies or both were positively associated with deliveries without a skilled attendant (odds ratio, 1.
Of course, unmeasured factors may also contribute to the reduction in malpractice claims attributed to EHRs.
Conversely, Ad Age includes direct marketing, coupons, catalogs, product placement, events and unmeasured forms of digital media in its definition of unmeasured media.
There are some unmeasured confounders, for sure," Mr.
However, says Lanphear, there is the possibility that unmeasured confounders exist, necessitating further research.