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Epistemologically, experience is conceptualized as something pure, genuine, unmeditated, legitimate, and untainted by ideology and politics.
And when Deledda's words are too unmeditated by the translator, they can come out rather lugubrious: "Rome brought an almost morbid despondency upon him, viewed through his disorientation, etc.
The extemporization alibi can operate hand in hand with the model of prayer as unmeditated outpouring.
Our decision was to try to convey the news of that time unfiltered and unmeditated rather than ask people to rely on faulty memories.
I venture into the shower for a bit of firsthand living, unmeditated by symbols, except that keeping clean has a certain social symbolism.
These poems form a sequence, moving from an indirect identification with a bear's essence to spontaneous, unmeditated, almost "natural" imitation of and entering into the body of the bear.